Friday, 12 March 2010

my first blog

hello interweb,

this is Dr David Populus speaking directly from the discomfort of a wooden chair. i have decided to try one of these blog efforts in the hope that it may be read by people, thus in turn make me beyond stuck in the bedroom. if you do choose to read this and find a distinct lack of capitalisation (english spelling thank you), this is due to sheer laze on my part.
having never written about anything at all personal, i imagine one should start right smack bang in the middle of the start, thats right the beginning (thought you could evade my little grammar trick, but no i have you hanging asunder upon a tree, tears streaming from your eyes). in the beginning there was clouds and postman pat, these were mixed with anger and an ever approaching floor. much time passes, at this point i am me, a small boy feverish for life's prospects. these hopes are dashed in favour of the drilling of root vegetables into my youthful gullet twinned with "NO" (looks like capitals are here, may as well use them) . The third stage if there was one was a great shame which was very banana-like in scent, on inspection could be banana yoghurt but i can't say in any certainy. fourthly there is some more but this exercise could take all day.
All you fiends need to know is that I am a doctor, yes a medical doctor. if I were to tell you in what I may not be bothered, to be honest I am working as a consultant (no details sorry, these web fellows are doubtful to say the least. i'm afraid this is only short, mainly because of the unwanted attention from the neighbours cat. Away moggy or it may be dinnertime and knocks on my door "have you seen our cat?" and I say yes he's eating dinner and say that it is terribly rude. so to all you on this network of idiots and people with nothing to do.

your friend
Dr Populus

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